You will of all heard of the mobile phone company o2, i have been with them for 3 years now. About half a year on pay as you go. 2 full years on pay monthly! Everything was fine...untill just lately...

Recently i lost my phone on a thursday it just fell out of my pocket. On that day after school i called up o2 and asked them to bar my phone the man on the end of the line said ok what do you want bared your phone or your sim...i said just my sim cause i allready had a pin on my phone. He told me that it made sence...then i asked the all important question "how long will it take to get unbarred" he said "we can reinstate it within 3-4mins of you calling us" i thanked him then hung up.

On Monday i got the phone back off the person who stole it. His sister brought it back into school thank you to her! I called up o2 to get it unbarred they then told me "it will take up to 24hours" i wasnt best pleased but not too bothered...thanked him and hung up

24 hours later (Tuesday) phone still isnt unbarred...i call back they tell me it should of been done and pass me through to the "networking" department. He tells me to clean my sim i do so and nothing happens still. He tells me all should be ok and tells me he is unbarring it again...and will take another 24hours. I dont really have an option but to agree.

Another 24 hours of my life gone by (Wednesday) phone still barred i call up again...rather uptight...the man is very appoligetic and says i might have to get a new sim card...i tell him im fed up of poncing around with the phone service and can i speak to someone in person. He says go try in your local o2 shop. So i run down there they tell me they cant do anything...i said but the man told me u could...she asked me had i cleaned the sim...i said yes...and she told me to call up again.

Greg runs home again...Greg throughly pissed off...gets dad to phone o2...he goes through to the complaints section...they tell him the kid who stole my phone tried to type in my pin 3 times now i have lost all my contacts and they can send us a new sim or i can go down the shop and get one.

Saturday Greg and his dad go down the shop to get a new contact sadly they can no longer get barely any phones...because there T&C have changed.. and i cant get any good phones even tho ive been with them for 3 years unless i phone up that stupid hotline which i am severly pissed off with!

Now all it boils down to is...i have a temp number for more than a month because it takes a whole bloody month to cancel a contract! Ive lost all my contacts from my phone. I still have my same old phone i had before because the one i wanted was bloody 70 a month! Getting a genie sim card (which only holds 100 contacts rather than 250! Didnt tell me this is store tho!)and some way to back up my contacts in case o2 fails again!

2 weeks later genie sim card cancelled after argueing on the phone with o2 then they offered us 75 cash back. And contract at 8 a month! with 300 txts and 100mins as before!
This overall shows if you are really pissed off and you let them know sometimes u can get things fixed.
Even with dirty frenchmen.
CHAPTER 2 Im back with another o2 related issue. 12/1/07 o2 is doing something wrong. This is what happened when with no other options now o2 is conning me out of 10 a month more than before.
This time we have upgraded to a new phone in December for my birthday what a lovely present a nice new shiny blackberry. Sadly o2 didnt think so. Before hand we got a bolt on for 200messages without O2 telling us so we were on 100mins and 500texts all was well 24 a month was a really good price. But now i have my new phone! All was ok until today we had left our contract the same as before so we presumed it would be 24 a month! But apparently if we carry our contact it will cost us 10 for the first month...ok I don't understand why buy what the hey its only 10! Apparently our bolt on though is no longer free because we upgraded the phone! So that's an extra 10 a month for something we should still be getting for free! So next time I want my same contract I suppose it will be 30 pounds to carry on with my contract! And an extra 50 a month just for a laugh! And to top it off I had 5 charge for messages that I didn't know anything about! Topping my total bill for January up from 24 to a whopping 48! And to top it all off when we went into the store the people behind the desk are sadly incompitant and cannot help me so they make me go on the useless hotline we sat there for 30mins talking to another idiot on the phone who managed to explain what was going on but had to go to the manager every 2minuites for about 10minuites at a time! Now I'm no pro but aren't help lines ment to help you! But it was the people in the stores fault apparently because they didn't tell us about the change in contract but if I remember rightly we got the contract off the manager! Congrats O2 you are useless! At the end of this frankly overpriced contract I'm leaving... If you will let me! Without some kind of money spinning con! I think your company is an insult and you dirty French need to be shot! P.S. Happy new year idiots!