What is an Anti Chav militia? It is basically a united force against chavs, a way of getting people together to fight for a similar cause that may not usually mingle or join together.

This site was created by Bounce and CodeRed both from Kent. It is here to give people a chance to express their anti-chav feelings openly and just basically because we felt like it. Enjoy and don't forget to check out the links page!

The story of this branch of the AntiChav Militia goes like this: Me (I'm Bounce btw, I make the T-Shirts) and my friend Lizzie were at a Greenday gig when we saw two guys walk past in t-shirts similar to those you see on our site. Having returned home intrigued I looked up the Anti Chav Militia and after some research we made our own prototype t-shirts. Now, a year on, living so close to Chatham I figured it was time to give the non-chavs a base where they could chat, and get hold of a T-Shirt of their own to make their feelings heard.

Where we have advertised We have advertised where and when we feel is the right time such as gig's and scouting activites we have allready done:

  • Leap '06 in France
  • Gilwell Winter Camp
  • Soundhole - 23/9/06

Anyway... we hope you enjoy the site and find it useful. In giving you information and just generally keeping you entertained!

A Bit About Us...

  • Name: Bounce
  • From: Kent, England
  • Likes: Sugar, climbing, rock music, playing guitar
  • Dislikes: Chavs! Modern Languages!
  • Contact: antichav-bounce@laughzone.co.uk