Hi welcome to the one and only anti chav militia website! We hate everything chav because quite frankly Chavs Suck and they should be banised to another planet! The site is not fully finished at the moment but it will be done as soon as possible.

I just sent this out as an email:
Hey it's Smarty (the Mad one)!
Just needed to let you know a few things - feel free to forward this email to any other Leap people I've missed!
1. A few people have been having trouble getting onto www.antichavmilitia.tk - if you are having trouble then use this link instead: www.freewebs.com/anti_chavmilitia (it's exactly the same website)

2. I have set up a photobucket account for everyone to share their photos on.
What you do is: Go on www.photobucket.com and
Sign in as: LeapFrance
Password: moose
(note the new password people)

Then upload your photos and be merry.

3. Jack has made a video of his photos and put it on youtube, if you want to watch there is a link to it on the videos page "LEAP '06"!

I think that's all! Thanks for a really good holiday people and look after yourselves over the summer!