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If you want jokes sent to a address of your choice e-mail me these words plus the e-mail address you want it sent to. Please make sure that you put in the word joke into the subject box for faster checking.

1: 25 middle age
DESCRIPTION: 25 things things you should of learnt by the time your middle age!

2: best news
DESCRIPTION: The funniest news headlines ever.

3: lemon
DESCRIPTION: a story about a lemon squeezing contest in a pub. You will never guess who wins

4: sickness
DESCRIPTION: A story about a girl who is sick in a church (only a joke)

5: licence to own back
DESCRIPTION: about a boy who gets his drivers licence and his dad gets his own back

6: wrong approach
DESCRIPTION: story about a man who can't get home without waking someone up!

7: stupid
DESCRIPTION: a load of stupid things that don't make sense

8: make it last
DESCRIPTION: a love life that needs some spicing up

9: dental pain
DESCRIPTION: a speedy trip to the dentist

10: Michel Jackson
DESCRIPTION: a story about Michel Jackson!

11: The bible story
Description: This is a story taken from the bible (cough!)

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